Sweet & Sour

30 plays in 60 minutes or your pizza is free!

Tuesday 10/31 @ 6 p.m.

Wednesday 11/1 @ 6 p.m. & 8:30 p.m.

Thursday 11/2 @ 5:30 p.m.

Sunday 11/5 @ 2 p.m.

Jindra Black Box Theatre, Peru State College


The Disco Citizens return with a brand-new show! Sweet & Sour, 30 original, shortform plays written, directed, and performed by students that explore all things sweet and sour. Time is of the essence and the ensemble is racing the clock. The plays are performed randomly each night, and the audience decides the order. Can the ensemble perform all 30 plays in 60 minutes? If they can, they get to eat pizza! If they can’t, the audience gets to eat pizza! It’s a win-win! Every night is different! Every show is different! Come and see it more than once!

Our show format is inspired by everyone’s short attention span. With the power of a smartphone in the palm of our hands we can scroll through information at breakneck speed and share our opinion immediately (and immediately regret it). With Snapchat, Instagram, X (formerly known as Twitter), or that shiny thing in the corner constantly demanding our attention, I wonder if any of us can focus long enough to finish this paragraph. 

Huh? What? Oh sorry, I wasn’t paying attention. Wait a second…let me add to my Snapchat story. I’ve got a streak going! …Ok! 

The Disco Citizens is a Peru Theatre Company favorite going on its 5th year of production. This year, 2023 features our largest ensemble yet! They have 25 new and returning students hailing from Auburn, Nebraska City, Lincoln, and Omaha (among other places around the state)who have come together to bring you this fun and frantic evening of theatre. The plays range from comedic to dramatic so there is something for everyone. 


Tickets are free for Peru State College students, faculty, and staff.

$20.00, General Admission

$10.00, Seniors and visiting students. 


Sweet and Sour is rated “M” for mature.